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Friends of Fiji is supporting a portfolio of projects submitted by Peace Corps Volunteers in Fiji. Friends of Fiji raises through contributions and a biennial fundraiser. Projects are normally submitted via the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP). General guidelines are outlined in FoF Funding Guidelines.


Project Funding Guidelines     Project Application (MS Word fillable form)


In the past years FoF has funded Peace Corps Partnership Projects for the construction of vital infrastructural elements for communities in Fiji, including composting toilets, rain catchment systems, kindergarten construction materials, concrete footpaths, computers for school libraries.. FoF has also funded workshops for an ongoing beekeeping project across Fiji.


In addition to these specific projects, FoF has also supported the Fiji Country Fund so that PCVs may have access to financial support for smaller requests such as paint supplies for schools and village community centers.


Click on the links below for examples of projects that Friends of Fiji has sponsored.


Happy Chicken
Habitat for Humanity

Korovisilou Nutrition

Sabeto Dictionary

Rise Beyond the Reef