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Bula, Namaste, and Welcome to Friends of Fiji

Peace Corps Fiji Host Country Staff Video

In June 2023 Jay Sztuk (Fiji 21) interviewed four former local Peace Corps Fiji staff members, Amelia Catanasiga, Alumita Bera, Mereoni Naikanitoba, and Josefa "JC" Ceinaturaga, for the Peace Corps Oral History Archive Project.  You can view the video on our FaceBook page.

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New Project - Water Filtration for Nanuku Village

Nanuku is a remote village in the Yakete Valley with a population of about 162 persons.  Water is supplied to the village by a pipeline extending from a creek.  During the rainy season, the uncovered water catchment becomes greatly contaminated with runoff mud and other organic contaminants, and the system is unable to provide safe drinking water. If you’ve visited or served in a remote village in Fiji, you are probably familiar with this problem.

This project will construct a gravity fed filtration system, based on a design developed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), consisting of four tanks and filtration media.  This system does not require electricity or chemicals, and is maintainable by the villagers.  This system has been in use successfully at the neighboring village of Tukuraki for over 5 years.  Initial construction will be completed by a local contractor, who will also train villagers to maintain the system.

The Friends of Fiji board of directors believes this is a worthwhile project that will have a positive long term impact.  Please contribute by clicking the link below.




Virtual Talanoas

Virtual Talanoa Zoom meetings let you interact with fellow RPCVs from anywhere.  The next several meetings will be book clubs, featuring books by Fiji RPCV authors.  Meetings are normally on Sundays evenings eastern time, but may vary. 

See our Events Calendar for more info.


Read Aloud Video Library Project - Friends of Tonga

In 2021, Friends of Tonga was selected as a US Library of Congress Literacy Best Practice Honoree for their Read Aloud Video Library Project.  We thank Friends of Tonga for creating this resource, and we thought it would be a great project for Fiji PCVs and RPCVs to take part in.


In commemoration of Peace Corps' 60th Anniversary, Dr. Satyendra Prasad, Fiji's Ambassador to the United Nations, shares memories of his Peace Corps teachers.

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